Guildhouse - "HOME" at APSDA conference branding

Client: Working Images, Guildhouse & Well Made

Date: June, 2016

About: During my internship at Working Images I helped create the branding for "HOME", an exhibit by Guildhouse & Well Made at the 2016 Asia Pacific Space Design Alliance Conference. The idea of the exhibit was to create small home that featured bespoke artisan furniture and art pieces made by Adelaide artists.

I first brainstormed ideas surrounding the idea and concept of "HOME" itself, I landed on "a house is a place, a home is a feeling". To visually communicate this idea I looked at the Guildhouse symbol and expanded on that by placing it within a heart and creating its own logo. The colour scheme leans on warm colours to help bring forth feelings of home. Finally the staggered type idea evolved from the fact the exhibit spanned across four rooms, so the type takes you on that journey as well. The team at Working Images then developed the booklet over the next few weeks with my branding as the main imagery for it. It was printed and shown at the conference itself as well as Guildhouse & Well Made's social media pages.